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Here are some things I have interest in, in one way or another:

Family Wedding Photos Pics of me and (some of) my family
Our Pets
Bunches of kitty photos here, including kittens, etc.
Chicken Processing - Graphic photos. We raise chickens for eggs, and for meat. Because there aren't too many places on the 'net with detailed instructions about how to process chickens for meat, I decided to document it. Graphic, explicit photos of chicken processing is at this link - click only if that's what you want to see/read about.

(Under Construction! Will be up soon!)

Sailing My mom has a sail boat, and we've all been having fun learning to sail on it.
Birth and babies For a variety or reasons, birthing and babies are of interest to me. There's a transcript of a birth I attended here!
Crafts Okay - So I've become Marsha Stewart ... It's not quite Martha, but ... well ...
Food I love to cook and create stuff in the kitchen. Come see what I've been up to.
Food 'blogI now have a food blog for sharing many of my food related adventures, on a regular basis. Come visit it often!
Quilting I've gotten into quilting. You can find images from an all night quilting class I went to, and a few tutorials too!
Tommy Rule sheet for my pinball game, Tommy
I'm usually online on AIM. If you aren't a creep, feel free to IM me.
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