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Train Cake Construction

For David's 5th birthday I decided to attempt to make a train cake, as can be seen at Mine didn't really come out quite like theirs, but it wasn't too shabby, I think!

Check out the process! Click on any picture to see a larger, more detailed, picture.

I've started coloring the frosting at this point. Cake colors are pretty cool - much stronger than color drops. The purple and green are actually pretty vivid - hard to tell here. The cakes are almost all cooled off now. Just 5 mini-loaves. The disposable cake pans come for about a buck and a half for a set of 5.
Look at how a little dot of what looks like orange... Mixes in to become... Bright Yellow!
Okay - the cakes are a bit too risen to work as train cars - so I gotta knife 'em! A little off the top, a smidge off the sides, turn it over, and voila! Here they all are, all trimmed. I took the last loaf and cut it in pieces to pile on to make the cars different shapes. I staged the shapes here to see how they'd look.
I was at a bit of a loss as to how to even start, but I decided to start with blue for the engine and just go for it. It's on wax paper here. I was REALLY at a loss as to how to frost the top piece. In retrospect this would have been a LOT easier if I had just put it down to frost. We love frosting at our house. What can I say. Look - Oreo wheels!
Heh heh - my next victim! Green for this one... Some pull-apart red licorice for outlines...
Another view... Precious candy cargo! A dab of frosting to stick some M&Ms on the wheels.
Another view... The first two cars! Another victim! This one is the loaf, and two thin slices from the 5th loaf piled on top - with a layer of frosting in between.
There's the in-between layer! Look - it's magically done! Another view...
The caboose! Wish I remembered it should have been red... Yellow is cool too though. Loaded up with licorice and mini-marshmallows!
Another view. You can't really tell, but I squirted a bunch of the pink frosting on the purple car and took another picture. I miscounted the number of cars and mixed up 5 colors - I only needed 4 since the last loaf gets cut up and put on the other loaves, not used as a separate car - oops! I moved them all to the table to look at it all together - whee!
Another view... And yet another!



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