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I enjoy cooking a great deal. Sometimes i share pictures or recipes of my kitchen adventures.
Train Cake I made a train cake for David's birthday several years ago. It came out great! Here are a bunch of pictures of the whole process and the finished product.
Family Luncheon, Dec 11, 2004 See pictures and description of the following menu:
Garlic soup with shitake mushrooms
Latkes (Happy Hanukah!)
Horseradish encrusted salmon medallions with garlic spinach with a mustard dill sauce
Salad from the salad bar (we were all too full - that's entirely untouched)
Poached pears with home made vanilla ice cream with burgundy syrup
Hungarian Mushroom Soup My dear cousin Johanna introduced me to this soup - and YUM! It was a big hit at a family dinner get-together, even among those who didn't like paprika, and/or dill (it has both.) VERY good - make a double batch!
Garlic Soup This is a Cooks Illustrated recipe. With my modifications. Fantastically good - if you like garlic, which you really should.
Romesco Sauce This is a wonderful sauce. It's garlicky, and piquant from red wine vinegar. My version is red pepper based. There are other versions that are tomato based. I'll probably post a recipe for that if/when I get one I like. My husband, who doesn't like red peppers and really despises almonds, LOVES this! This dip was one of the things that got me trying red peppers in other applications, too.
Cream Puffs These are one of the easiest fancy-looking desserts to make! I highly recommend you try this, if you like cream puffs, or eclairs. Yum!
Sweet Potato Bisque I'm not a huge sweet potato fan, but we made this soup in a class I was taking and it is SO incredibly good. If you ARE a sweet potato fan, it's probably that much better. It's incredibly good.



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