Secret Cupid 1999
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Secret Cupid 1999

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This is what I made for my secret cupid recipient

I started with a raw box like this (this one is smaller than the one I actually used.) I painted it blue and pink (inside and out) and glued two little teddy bears on the top, and a fern leaf. I also put a gold cord around the top edge. I hand made a little cinnamon sachet - I embroidered the front in hues of pinks and golds, and there's a little saying on it "Loopy love even smells good."
This is the inside of the box lid. It says:
Loopy love is always there,
Near or far, I'll always care,
and though you'll eat the chocolate Dove
You'll always have my loopy love.

and along the edge it says:
Happy 1999 Valentines Day
and my name

This is the bottom of the box. It says:
Remember always that you're loved --Kimberly
Here's what it looks like, with the chocolate Dove pieces and penaut butter cups and the sachet all packed in.
Same thing - another angle.

This is what I made for my second secret cupid recipient

I painted the box (a smaller one than the other one) with red base coat for some foiling. I painted two small wooden hearts with poster paints - pink and blue :) Same thing, another angle - I'm actually waiting for the tacky undercoat to dry here - getting ready to foil. Here I've applied some gold foiling to the heart. This was my first time foiling - it's really cool - and super easy!
A closer look at the foil results ... not a great pic though :/ Here it is, all foiled, and drying, about to be sealed. I wrote a poem on the bottom of this one too. Not exactly the same one as before, although similar.
"Loopy love is alway there
Near or far I'll always care
And though our friendship is email
Loopy love will never fail"
Cover it up with chocolate hearts and other chocolate. Put the top on. I hot-glued the two little wooden hearts on top.
You can see the shine a little better at this angle. I put the gold cord piping along the outside edge - I think that gives it more of a finished look. It hot glues down pretty easily. I start at the top in the middle, and hot glue an inch or so and press the cord into place, then a moment later, it's stuck, and I can do another inch or two and press it in. It's all the way around in no time at all! Same thing at another angle.
All packed up and ready to go! Those Glad-ware containers are great for this kind of thing! I packed a bunch more chocolate, and some home-made fudge in there too.



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