Quilts for Liam and Zafina - Amy and Charles' babies
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Quilts for Liam and Zafina - Amy and Charles' babies

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A definite labor of love from so many people!

Liam's quilt with just the sashings... and now the maroon borders. Zafina's quilt top.
While attaching the binding, Kimberly had a little 'help' from a resident kitten. "What - you need me to MOVE?" Finally done! This is Liam's quilt with the black binding (not solid black - it has a pretty swirly pattern on it.)
A little bit closer - Kimberly is holding it up, and David took the picture. David wanted to be in a picture - so he's holding up Zafina's finished quilt. The backs of both quilts are the same blue flannel with little clouds and sunshine happy faces.
Both quilts, side by side. with the backs showing as well.

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