Sailing on the Bay
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Sailing on the Bay

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Aug 16 1999

This is the boat docked in Alameda Another pic - I didn't sail this day - just played Chauffer And another angle
Dock kitty He likes David

Aug 17 1999

Me... out on the bay - playing captain ;)
...with Maralyn, the sailing instructor. Going under the Bay Bridge... there it is behind us now.
Kimberly and Maralyn with the bridge in the background. There's Eileen too - Kim's mom. San Francisco, the city by the Bay!
Nice shot of the Bay Bridge heading into San Francicso. ...with a boat heaing udner the bridge. Another view of The City.
The fog is barely held back by the Golden Gate... but you can see the front of the boat here! Another view of the fog, and off to the left of this shot, you can (barely) see the Golden Gate Bridge. There's the end of the Bay Bridge heading into Treasure Island.
Deborah (Kimberly's sister), Maralyn and Eileen. BIG ol freighter coming from the Alameda/Oakland area ... it's moving FAST. How fast is it coming up on us?
Not so fast that... I can't get a couple more shots of the city. and my family.
Wow - almost here! The tooted (loud!) at us, signalling they were going to turn starboard (right) and we should maybe move a touch. There's actually a guy waving at us up top, which was really cool! We turned around entirely and went back in the other direction to give them plenty of room (or rather, us plenty of room - I don't think we were really bothering them ;) )
The city and the Golden Gate. Mom and Deborah working the lines to tack. Going back towards Alameda, under the Bay Bridge again.
Mom, with the city in the background. Eileen, at the wheel. Bye San Francisco. Bye fog!
Heading back into port. Deborah is up at the bow, just looking around. This is the cabin down below. I think the little hanging hammock for food is such a clever use of space! There's a berth (bedroom) all the way at the front and also in the back. This is where we're heading to dock.
Heading in! Back on land, being brought to my car (I parked where we left from, Deborah parked where we docked) I dropped the camera, then took this picture to make sure it works. Deborah said "oh great - you captured my 'Deborah, giving a concerned look' look" I think she's right.

Aug 20, 1999

Docked at Sausalito now, mom looks pretty happy on her boat. David took MANY pictures - I have included this rather crappy one of me, because the rest were worse - there was a picture of my butt, my mom's butt, David's shoes, another pic of me looking right up my nose ... you get the idea. Boy I love digital cameras! No film to waste!
David sitting on the back port seat - these are really comfy, and high up. He has his water pistol to shoot at floating leaves, etc. He has a harness and tether on rather than a life jacket. He is tethered at all times when up top and this frees us from having to have him completely watched like a hawk - if he went over he wouldn't go in the water, we'd just pluck him back up. Leaving the dock... There are a LOT of interesting house boats in the Sausalito area. This one was what David and I ended up calling the "Club House" ... I don't know if anyone actually lives there - I hope not!
The blanket of fog was really neat looking coming over the hills. Lots of house boats here. There's a waterplane landing at this dock. Another cool shot of the fog and house boats.
The Golden Gate Bridge! Mom, with Angel Island (still preserved for the most part!) in the background. SF at a distance.
David, with my mom's ski hat - not all that cold, but a bit windy. David is helping me steer! We dropped anchor on the back side of Angel Island. The boat in the distance was stuck - their anchor snagged on something. David is pointing at a cool boat in the distance.
There's the cool boat. David looking out from the bow again. The stuck boat. We spent some time trying to help them by hooking up to their boat and using our stronger engine to pull them out. No luck.
Another view of the Golden Gate... got kind of windy on our way back in. Finally - can still see the Golden Gate, but the wind died down as we neared Sausalito again. A flock of pelicans, flying in formation - this was really cool looking!
You can't really see but a dot of it - but there's the head of a seal looking right at us - SOOOO cute! Several seals sun bathing. Another shot of them.
These LARGE houses on the hill ... not too shabby - I could stand it if you forced me! The clubhouse again. Major dredging going on over here.

Aug 26, 1999

We went out for a couple of hours this afternoon. Here's the Golden Gate ... we got hit by some BIG gusts of wind on the way and the boat heeled almost entirely! Had to turn around here and head back in.
Dueling cameras! Maralyn's brother joined us. David is hanging on to his seat in the back. After the heeling earlier, which he hung on through like a champ, he muttered first, then said out loud "This is too much like the Titanic!" He wasn't half wrong **grins** Final parting shot of the Bay.



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