The birth of Liam and Zafina
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The birth of Liam and Zafina

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We were here in labor and delivery for a while...

Amy's feeling good - no pain meds yet and contractions are still pretty mild. Amy, Charles and Kimberly (good friend) Charles' sister showed up, and they hammed it up for the camera
2 anaesthesiologists marvel at our online experience. Amy does her Darth Vader impression - they gave her some oxygen while they gave her the epidural - contractions started to get a bit more painful at this point. Amy's OB, Dr. Johnson makes the web page - and nurse Nicole is off on the edge there.
Later in the evening, Nurse Jessica showed up - what a terrificly supportive force she was all night long! Amy was ready to start pushing in earnest, so we all got shuffled to the OR "just in case" - it was just a couple doors down, and not a real pleasing environment, AND it didn't have a phone line with an outside extension - so no live updates ... can't have it all, I guess! Everyone looking at the monitors during a pushing contraction. The babies never ONCE had their heartrates go down - they were happy throughout!

On to the babies!


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