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Here are some things about birth, babies, and related stuff...

Our Amazing Cycle Everything you never knew about your monthly cycle. Think you knew it all - check it out and see if you did! I wrote this.
The Language of Breastfeeding An incredibly good article about how language forms our ideas, specifically, about breastfeding and bottlefeeding. A worthwhile read, for sure!
Kalinda A transcript of my god-daughter's birth, moment by moment!
Twin Birth of Liam and Zafina Pics and transcript of my two younger god-children's births. Amy has outdone herself!
Links Some birth/pregnancy related links (mostly)
HCG Levels in Pregnancy Charts to show what HCG levels are in the 'normal' ranges for singleton and twin pregnancies.
Birth Stories Birth stories of friends from one of my mail lists - an unassisted child birth list - many/most of the births are unassisted by medical professionals and at home. This is how I plan to birth when I do.
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