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Our Temporary Family Additions

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We picked these babies and momma cat up today - they were going to be killed today. We'll have them for two weeks and then they'll go to another foster home. The mom is a beautiful siamese mix, and well socialized, she must have been someone's pet. She has four with siamese markings, and an all black, and a black and white mix. I think it's 5 boys and 1 girl, but I keep losing track of whose hiney I've checked out!

They're clearly well socialized - right up on my shoulders! Always time for an ear scratch!
SOOOOO cute! This is the only girl of the siamese kittens. They're all over me :) The little black one is really cute too :)
Mama cat is VERY happy to be up out of the reach of the babies finally! A week in a small cage may just have been a bit much, poor thing! She found a quiet spot by the fish tank and felt comfy enough to pass out for a long time after arriving. While one of the siamese snoozes, the black one takes a bath! There's little miss "Jaws" (so named cuz she bit me through my jeans with her sharp little milk teeth :)) knee-perching!
This is definitely the feistiest of the siamese, trying to rough up the black one. upside down lap cutie :) As *if* mom could get a bite without babies getting one too!
Another sweet nursing moment. All the cute peeking nursing faces - too cute! All filled up and ready to ... SCRATCH! (We combed out a TON of fleas - phew!)
David has a tummy warmer :) ...and Richard has a knee percher. here they all are!
Little Jaws, doing her thing! Just a handful, not even! This was the goofiest thing - four of them piled on top of a mini pile of books and just got sleepy. and then a fifth one piled on!
You can actually see all five heads here... how cute, and weird! and the leftover kitty is on Richard's lap - with a penny for sizing. Then the black kitten nestled on Richard's chest.
then moved down with the other one - too tiny and cute! here he is cuting his head at me... it's hard to see, except in the close up, but he's got both his paws around his face - too cute!
and one last shot of him whapping this way. Here he is cuting out with my hand in there for size reference. OMG this is TOOO cute - David is surrounded!
Look at his new hat *grins* Another shot and another
and another Pile O Kittens momma's crashing out!
This is unusual - she has two nipples on one of her breasts!

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