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Some of our cats

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I just went cat hunting one night!

Mugwai, in her natural habitat - the kitchen counter *groans* Cubcake - begging for pets on the stairs. Cubby again.
Fozzi doesn't usually pose like this - but ... ...he let me get closer... ... and closer!
He even started following me around - here's a nice shot of his pom pom tail! And here he is relaxing! The kittens on my lap ... it's hard to get up when they do this!
Here she is - Mugwai on the counter again. Little Bodda Boo on the warm TV! Notzot - aka Baby-baby - talking ... she's a pest, but a love bug!
Pumpkin, relaxing his big orange butt - as usual! Scooter - the roundest cat in the world! Bowling ball shaped! Smokey - in a box a bit too small for her - typical cat!
Tumbleweed - just being his cute self! He has a very pretty grey undercoat too! I was being followed by about 7 cats by this time ... they all wanted to pose!
See - picture time - pose!


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