Foster Kittens!
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Foster Kittens!

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Some of these are just soooo cute!

Some newer pics as of Jan 3, 1998

Only about the 3rd time Smokey broke into the office where the kittens are. She pinned this one down for a bath! She didn't stop till the kitten was CLEAN! and purring...
the baby loved it!
The most maternal cat who never had a litter - Smokey! Don't they look cozy? I was GOING to be sitting in this chair ...
But it's so hard to move them!
They get into EVERYTHING! Dot had to crawl into the desk hutch - so I had to grab the camera! Getting comfy...
Getting REALLY cute! Hours later - the other one had to check it out too, of course!
You didn't want to SIT here, did you? I'm so pretty! Snoozing is a common occurrence around here...
ZZZzzzz.... Hey - if you're gonna be maternal, can I chew on your ear? Hard to tell, but Smokey and the kitten are both on my lap with the baby chomping Smokey's ear - and she's letting it go on indefinitely! Fine - I'll just pose for the picture instead!
The laundry basket is a good place for a nap! More of the same... How many flashes from the camera are likely to wake them up?
Hey - this suitcase makes a good perch! We really are just so cute! OOh - is there something to pounce?
Besides snoozing - playing is another prime activity! Mrrowwr! It's hard to tell here, but the white kitten was laying on her back on my lap, and Smokey came up and basically sat on her!
I think she's trying to hatch her! I wish you could see how cute they are! Smokey with the babies again...
Smokey with the white kitten ... in my chair ... again! Smokey and the little baby - in my chair... VERY cute pic though! Some day this laundry will get done...
But not today!

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